Is targeting the corporate traveller generating your highest return?
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Is targeting the corporate traveller generating your highest return?

Business travel is undeniably a lucrative segment for properties to tap in to, however, consider how much the dynamics of family travel are changing, with more families travelling globally than ever before.

The family traveller is a much richer asset to a hotel than the typical transient business traveller. Families are searching and booking online and increasingly on their smartphones, spending more; especially the growing multigenerational market, and sharing their experiences in real time via social networks. More and more families travelling together are becoming repeat customers, often with friends in tow.

Interesting family facts:

  • Kids are having a more influential role in planning where families go than ever before. They’re using technology to engage each other and share their trip experiences. After being influenced by their peers, it’s only natural for these kids to want to visit a specific place
  • Significantly, parents do not think cheapest equates to the best deal; Education and time together rank higher in value than the lowest price
  • Increasingly, Baby Boomers becoming grandparents say they want to explore the world with their children and grandchildren while they can
  • Parents and grandparents want to expose their kids to new cultures and experiences

Adapt for success
Think about how you can leverage social media not just to the guests that are paying for the stay, but those teenagers with their heads stuck in their screens. They’ve got a stronger voice than either parent in many instances.

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