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28 April 2016
ReserveGroup is proud to announce they have won four international awards in the U.S., two Best in Class awards and two Outstanding Achievement awards in the recent Interactive Media Awards (I.M.A.), Travel/Tourism category.
11 December 2015
Click here to watch our 2015 Christmas postcard video
Merry Christmas 2015 from ReserveGroup
31 August 2015
ReserveGroup Partner Roland Leemans puts forward his thoughts on the OTA's through a series of four short articles. Starting with the question “We’ve had enough of the OTA’s… Really?” Follow ReserveGroup on LinkedIn to receive the full series.
We’ve had enough of the OTA’s…Really?
27 August 2015
Want to keep OTA commissions in your own pocket? Here are five strategies you can start implementing today.
Top 5 ways to claw back your profits from OTAs
31 August 2015
Developing an OTA Strategy… In order to gain balance and identify the most profitable channels a hotel must first understand its current position. An online distribution review looks at your current channels; OTAs, website, mobile, digital communications the performance and the return against true costs.
Developing an OTA Strategy
27 August 2015
Are you presenting too many options to your site visitors and ultimately losing sales due to decision paralysis?
Why less is more, and more means less people making purchases
31 August 2015
Three jobs to do today to start the OTA's working for you.
Start the OTA's working for you
29 July 2015
Integrated marketing services combine the power of search, email, social media and digital promotion to convert online shoppers and drive direct bookings.
See how Sport of Kings, Rotorua, have increased their traffic and generated more direct bookings
23 July 2015
The continued explosive growth of mobile and how we interact with these devices means we need to rethink the way we target and engage with travel shoppers on the go.
Have you Googled your property lately? How does your website rank?
23 July 2015
Identifying and targeting your highest return customer is vital in today's multigenerational market
Is targeting the corporate traveller generating your highest return?
18 June 2015
Where do your online bookings come from? Are they from organic search or paid listing sites like Jasons or AA? If you have this data you can target the best performing source and increase your conversions.
Are you tracking your reservations?
18 June 2015
Content, content, content. You hear it all of the time – you need fresh relevant content on your website to boost your rankings and increase the online visibility of your property.
Content Is Still King
18 June 2015
Google Analytics is a free source of mind blowing data on your business. In a basic snapshot you can see your audience, what they look at, how many times and for how long. What does that really mean for your property and getting more bookings?
Is your Google Analytics account set up correctly?
18 June 2015
We all know Google makes changes constantly, however, the latest change regarding search rankings for mobile friendly websites is having a tangible impact on businesses.
Latest Google changes have direct impact on rankings
18 June 2015
Google Places became Google Business Listings which became Google My Business. That’s Google, always changing; but does it matter to your property? Absolutely, 100% it does, it is very important.
Your Business on Google Maps

Showing 1 to 15 out of 139 results found
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