Start the OTA's working for you
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Start the OTA's working for you
Make changes today to make the OTAs work for you. These tips and tricks don’t replace a complete strategy but they will make a difference.

1.    Copy; Your website should be the leader in providing information on your hotel. Make sure your website copy is accurate and engaging then distribute this to the OTAs.
2.    Images; Distribute hero images from your website to OTAs. Check the images display correctly on each channel.
3.    Packages; Test the appeal of packages on OTAs. Use the billboard effect to get more eyes on the added value offered at your property. Do they drive traffic to your website? Do some packages work better than others?

Consistency is your mantra today. Tell those responsible in your team that you want your representation on OTAs to be consistent with your website.

Why is consistency important?
The typical user path in accommodation bookings is OTA to property website. Guests research the best deal via the OTA and then validate the options in their ‘consideration pool’ via your website. If what they see on the OTA is not represented on your website the trust is gone. Without trust you won’t get commitment. No commitment, no booking.
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